Spectrumetrix Menawarkan Alat Analisis Taruhan Baru

Spectrumetrix, an American data service, is now offering a new report on sports betting in America, the US Betting Revenue Analysis.

Revenue analyses are important to the betting industry as it reveals trends that can be taken advantage of. One of the areas American companies are expanding into is sports betting.

Eight American states have recently legalized sports betting, and more states are currently debating introducing more relaxed sports betting legislation. Three states Delaware, Nevada, and New Jersey also have legalized online sports betting.

With the increased legality of sports betting in America, Link Alternatif Sbobet a variety of gambling industries will be forcefully entering the market. With this increased push for market share in sports gambling also comes increased competition.

Spectrumetrix is owned by Spectrum Gaming Group and Management Science Associates, and the companies hope they will be able to attract new customers with their increased analytical tools

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